5 Exotic Restaurants in Jaipur To Enjoy Royal Cuisine

The Pink City is the heart of Rajasthan, one of the most colourful cities of India. Jaipur is a city that is popular for its historical culture and is the centre of attraction in Rajasthan. However, the city is also known for its exquisite cuisine. The restaurants in Jaipur are famous for their traditional Rajasthani cuisine which will take you back to the royal past of the city. Eating out in Jaipur is an astounding experience. Restaurants in Jaipur offer all types of cuisines but the main attraction for tourists is the royal Rajasthani food! People of Jaipur love to eat out, spend time with their loved ones and party in restaurants. So, if you are travelling to Jaipur, do eat at these top-rated restaurants. They are waiting to welcome you!

Jaipur is the perfect place to be in if you love Indian cuisine. The food is delicious, vibrant, and flavorful! Many best vegetarian restaurants in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur serve mouth-watering Indian food, but The Hidden Treasure is the royal Rajasthani food in the family restaurants in Jaipur.

The interiors are charming, making it the perfect place to take pictures and do lots of activities for the small kid. they also provide high chairs for babies. If you are planning to visit Jaipur do not forget to visit restaurants in Pink City.

Nowadays, there is a big trend of rooftop restaurants in Jaipur .it has many best romantic rooftop restaurants in Jaipur to have a candlelight dinner. It has a rooftop area, which overlooks the beautiful cityscape and monuments, giving you a picturesque view while you’re enjoying your delicious meal. Restaurants with live music in Jaipur are very spacious, which makes it a great spot to have a private and romantic dinner with your special someone.

The food of rooftop restaurants in Jaipur is delicious and  The live music gives you a calming melody to enjoy your fine meal, which will remain in your memory long after you’ve left the place. It’s a great place for a date or a fine meal with family and friends.


Jaipur is mainly known as the largest city of Rajasthan and is calculated as top 10 most populated cities in the country. Foodies come to Jaipur specifically to taste the traditional spices of the North-Indian thali. Includes lentils, rice, chapati, yogurt, vegetable curry, salad, papad, chutney, and a little pickle.

As Jaipur is also a part of Rajasthan, The most famous dishes one should try are-  gol gappa, kathi roll, lassi, lime water, dahi papdi chaat, dudh jalebi, shrikhand, pav bhaji, kulfi faluda, and paan. These most famous dishes will make your mouth water. All of these are a must-try if one visit Jaipur city.

Yes, most of the well-known dhaba & restaurants will offer you a dine-in option with takeaway or home delivery services. Jaipur is well known for dine-in as the pink city has sharma dhaba, khandelwal dhaba, the lalit, clarks amer, the fort, marriott, and many more places offering you the best place to eat in Jaipur.

Jaipur is well known for its North Indian main course but apart from that it is also known for the sweets & desserts. These delicious sweets have been a part of the history and tradition of Jaipur city. On every occasion, you can try different sweet. Sweets found in Jaipur are as- jalebi, shrikhand, kulfi, moong thaal, mishri mawa and the mawa kachori.

Rajasthan is famous in India to serve the spiciest food all over the country. Most of the cities offer you the spiciest food all over the state. Jaipur is one of the city serves you the spiciest food all around. Spiciest dishes include Dal bati churma, mirchi ke tipore, lasan ki chutney, spicy gatta masala curry, mixed vegetable, mirchi bade, pyaz kachori, dal pakodi, laung sev and spicy paneer chilli.

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