About PMD

Padharo Mhare Desh is a unique platform that suggests the right place to hang out with your friends and family while in Rajasthan. Every single place in different cities of Rajasthan mentioned over our platform is dwelled by experts. Padharo Mahre Desh is focused on providing members with easy access to the best places to find food in the city while traveling, whether they are cafes, clubs, restaurants, or ice cream parlors.

We have listed the best places in Rajasthan in different cities, and we make it easier for our members to select one of them and visit it. We have clubs and cafes in Rajasthan as well, be it offline or online. The user can easily find what they are looking for just by visiting our website.

Padharo Mhare Desh symbolizes the best cafes, clubs, restaurants, and ice cream parlors in different cities in Rajasthan. This website is one of its own kind, the interface is really smooth and easy and can be used by anyone. You can get discounts and offers in different cities. Through the news section, It’s very easy to get instant updates about new places in different cities so that you can plan a trip with your friends and family. With outstanding views and traditional food cultures, PMD only lists the best out of different options throughout the cities.